Thank you for your visa query, unfortunately we cannot direct you to a government website as our local Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration in the Cook Islands does not currently have a functional website.  However their Facebook page does provide some information and contact details.

The following information and links may also be useful:

Current visa requirements into the Cook Islands are waived for all nationals coming as visitors or tourists and even business travellers, sports people, etc coming to the Cook Islands for a holiday or trip, provided the trip is less than 31 days in duration and you have a passport valid for 6 months from the date of entry to the Cook Islands, and you have return flight tickets departing the Cook Islands within that 31 day period.

Extensions to your visa can be granted, further details about this and other waivers/limitations can be found at the following link Cook Islands Tourism Corporation  This site also has great information for travellers planning on coming to the Cook Islands, so feel free to browse the rest of their site.

Also, as you will see in the FAQ section, there are some exceptions to visa requirements that are particular to NZ and Australian passport holders only, notably NZ passport holders are allowed 90 days (rather than 31 days) for maximum stay and a passport valid for 7 days beyond the period of stay.

The following links to the IATA Travel Center may be valuable for determining your exact situation:

IATA Travel Center - interactive
IATA Travel Center - Destination Cook Islands

Air New Zealand also have this useful link for determining your visa requirements Air NZ link

It is also important to ensure any visa you have in your current country of residence and for your final destination is valid for re-entry or entry for onward travel from the Cook Islands, otherwise you may be refused boarding on departure from the Cook Islands.  This is particularly important to check where transit periods may occur in New Zealand or Australia.

We trust this information has been of use and hope that you enjoy your stay here in Rarotonga or on one of our other beautiful islands.

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