Thank you for your query.

We regret to advise we are unable to answer questions regarding Bio security in general and the importation of food in particular.  This information can change from time to time, however we can direct you to some good information below at the appropriate websites for our local Ministry of Agriculture and its Biosecurity division which you can read here.  Read the information there which is general in nature and if you require more specific information either use their link or go to the Import Specifications List/Prohibited List and download the list which details all import options.  Be advised, you should also check with your airline carrier to make sure they have no restrictions on carriage of certain goods, or chilly bins, etc.

If you require any additional information the Ministry of Agriculture and Bio security can be contacted directly by email or by phone: +682 28711.

It is also handy to know that over here in Rarotonga we do have great sources of fresh fruit nearly all year round, paw-paw, bananas, passion-fruit, dragon fruit and plenty of meat (beef, lamb, pork and chicken) all imported at quite reasonable prices compared to NZ and other great locally grown fruits and vegetables, and usually plenty of fish.  Check out the Punanganui Market on Saturday morning, our local growers market, you should be pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of produce.  However we do acknowledge those speciality items of packaged foods are a little harder to get or cost a little more here.

We hope this information has been useful and that you enjoy your stay here in our little bit of paradise.

Kind regards,